joi, 11 aprilie 2013

Beauty and the... beauty bag!

Hey lovelies,

today I wanna share with you some of my basic cosmetic pieces that i have  in my beauty bag and I was wondering what are your favorite pieces that you would never giveup from your beauty bag no matter what.

Beauty and the... beauty bag!

Beauty and the... beauty bag! by lovincee featuring jack wills

Likey or no likey?


3 comentarii:

  1. Love these products - Especially the nail polish, what a beautiful shade. I loved this post darling! :)


    1. Dear Mak,

      first of all thank you for your interest in my blog, I am kind of new, so please bear with me :)
      Second, I really like to think that we can inspire each other regarding the latest trends in fashion all over the world.
      Nice to have you here and hopefully we have a great time together.
      Kisses and hugs,

  2. must have the loose powder in my bag!! it's a must. :)